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Testimonials: Team Members

I started training with Dez 4months ago and have seen nothing but the best results. He is an amazing trainer who listens to your needs and creates a plan just for you. I’ve been training around existing injuries, yet still seen incredible progress thanks to his passion and experience. In addition, he’s always there to keep you motivated and ensure you stick to the goals you’ve set. I’m also working with Dez on nutrition and the meal plans he has created have worked for my lifestyle. So far I am over 10kgs down in addition to muscle gain! I couldn’t recommend him highly enough and anyone looking to seriously improve their health and wellness would be well looked after by him.

Karen Mckinnon

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“I’ve always been an active person, but after becoming a mum I found it hard to prioritise myself.
I was 12kgs over my pre baby weight and at only 5ft 2, I was overweight.
Mentally, I felt stuck, irritable, anxious and overwhelmed.

From the moment I started working with Dez I knew that he could help me stay motivated and change my “Im too tired/busy” mindset.  His approach is non judgemental...he gets it. He’s been there, he knows the struggles and without preaching he passes on his wisdom. He uses his amazing sense of humour, he takes the piss a little and he’s fun.

Over the last 4 months Dez has added to my training package to support me with nutritional advice. I’d experienced disordered eating in my early 20s and was mindful that it could trigger me. Dez was so supportive and understanding, we talked through my fears around eating carbs and he educated me about regular meals and nutritional content.

The first 4 weeks were the hardest, I wanted to quit so many times. I stayed consistent and got into a nice routine.

Then I started to see results. I can not express the joy I felt txting Dez to tell him I was wearing trousers I bought 7 years ago or wearing the jeans that had sat in my wardrobe since my Uni days!

I’ve since lost 8kgs and I’m down 3 dress sizes! But it was never just about the aesthetics for me.
It was about feeling good mentally and that’s been the biggest change. My anxiety is more manageable, I’m sleeping better, I feel less bloated.
My relationship with my hubby is better too.....I feel more desirable and less inclined to reach for the light switch!!!

I can’t thank Dez enough for walking alongside me on this journey... he’s a legend x”


Testimonials: Testimonials

I believe so much in my training methods I was able to transform my body in 5 months. Even as a coach myself, at times life gets so hectic we don't always look after ourselves. I founded 1987 to help others achieve their full potential.

Dez Ruff (Head Coach 1987)

Testimonials: Testimonials
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